Example of one of our events

Location for the event was on the Local Train station second floor in Craiova. We received from the rail road company the permission to use their second floor for the period of 2 months.

Sharing is Caring

AWMS Network, every winter we set up a” Help the Homeless ” volunteer event in collaboration with people who are actively involved in Social areas of the civilization. We prepare for these volunteers the arrangements and locations needed to do their work in a safe environment and give them the opportunity to connect with the homeless people and help them to resolve problems where possible.  Our aim is to send signals to the society and help them to connect with people who are cut off from daily social life. The teams we assemble on every event are selected on expertise and professionalism. We have lawyers, doctors, and therapists, social workers, students in training for social work, hairdressers and a police officer, on call for all cases that are being handled. The concept of our project is simple, connect those who need help with those who can provide help. Create a safe platform where they can meet and talk and offer the means to those who enter in a conflict resolution. Guidance after the event by personal meetings on the same location the event took place. Each event lasts 2 months, December and January, 4 meetings in public with the volunteers and citizens with the homeless people.
Our next event is planned in Bucharest, on the Bucharest train station from 1 November 2017 till 1 February 2018
Example of one of our events, in Craiova. ( Feb 2014 )
Location for the event was on the Local Train station second floor in Craiova
We received from the rail road company the permission to use their second floor for the period of 2 months. Many homeless people were in direct need for medical support and have been brought to the hospital, and received direct treatment. The most common problems were infections with possible gangrene in development. The homeless people in Craiova have showed up most courtesy to all volunteers and people who visited the events. Many have found a new place to life and work on farms outside of the city. Others have found cheap housing thanks to the Craiova Water Company and a few have found their entrance back to their families. Consulted where needed relations have been restored where possible.
We thank the GDS and all journalists in Craiova for their endless support and energy and help. The Media coverage for our project was unexpected and we do think it has contributed to many more volunteers whom are devoted to share their energy and help out others in problems. All volunteer projects in Romania deserve your attention.
If you are interested in working as a volunteer in Romania, please follow the links on the end of this page. If you are interested in seeing one of our events you can see the video below.

A second reportage on the same event a month later, you can see the people are receiving donations from the citizens of Craiova. A platform was created for people to communicate and ask for help and receive it. Those whom were able to supply have responded. The project, the structure and concept inc long term agreements, has been transferred to the University of Craiova and being handled by one of the volunteers in this video whom is leading the student organisation. We are very happy to see that our event has ignited a spark and has inspired people to help others.

Volunteer work in Romania
If you wish to donate, you can send clothing, shoes, or any other useful items to your local shelter home and provide support to the people in your town whom really need it. Thanks to the industrial revolution and the growing colder society we are seeing a trend that worries us. You are able to stop this in your own town, in your own world… make a difference. If you wish to use our videos as an inspiration for your own event, we would feel very happy! If we can help you out in any way possible, contact us as MyPlaceMaze@yahoo.com
We wish to send a special thanks to Adrian for his endless support, you know who you are, we are still very proud on you!