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Besides telling other people how to make money online, we ourselves pride us in working as webmasters and producing websites and serving high level entertainment to our audience. On this very moment (2017) we are working on new fresh affiliate websites and traffic products. We enjoy the new techniques we learned and added inspiration and fresh talents to our team and are able to produce more results and handle more complex projects. Selling porn is an art we have acquired online.

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When you are on a BUY MEMBERSHIP page of an adult website, always make sure you are not buying, unnoticed, multiple memberships, check always for those hidden extra boxes that contain extra offers, socalled trial memberships with other porn sites that you have to cancel within 3 days to prevent more and higher charges on your card. We call this practice ” Cross Selling [WiKi link]” Read how this works on Wiki. So be sure to always UNCHECK those extra boxes on your BUY MEMBERSHIP page to prevent you are not getting overcharged for too much porn and only pay for what you really want.  This is not illegal practice from a website to do, in all fairness the ” Read before Submit “ button is mostly somewhat next to it, scroll ALWAYS down the whole page to make sure no hidden tricks are applied. I Can’t say often enough these days: Please ALWAYS read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS before submitting. Use common sense when you buy porn or any other product online