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Adult affiliate programs are also called sponsor programs or partners or partnership programs. Owners of adult affiliate programs buy adult content generally videos from adult studios. Sometimes, they themselves create content by shooting porn. They add this content to their porn site/pay site.  Ones their site is created they create “Free Tours” and previews. Porn surfers who join the website are called members who have paid to see all the premium content. Affiliates are Adult Webmasters who help the site owners to make sales, in return, they are rewarded with 50 percent of the sale amount. The adult industry is evolving every day. Till recently, the webmasters were betting their chances on paysites only. Nowadays. they are hedging their bets on webcams, dating sites, and sex toys. Here we offer you a variety of all sorts of adult products you can sell in return for commisions.

Dedicated AWMS Live Cam Partners

  • Live Webcam Platform. Pay Per Sale and Rev share programs.
  • XLoveCash The program behind Xlovecams, European Live Amateurs
  • AWEmpire Live Jasmin amateur webcam platform since 2003
  • The Program behind Imlive and

Resources and great websites you must have

  • EscortsDirectory A place where you can browse for worldwide escort girls.
  • a Unique Concept that Benefits all Models!
  • For webmasters who wish to trade traffic, this is a very good site!
  • Finally a clean site with all the porn of the world.
  • A great cam studio where “Being Unique”  makes a difference.
  • Clean Safe Porn Browsing enuff said.
  • Build a subdomain here and receive free traffic!
  • Start your day with a good breakfast and some clean fresh sex.

I have worked and represented for the following companies,

    Adult Mobile APP Program
    Business Development

During my period at these two great companies, I was able to enrich my knowledge in various ways. They have learned me new skills and I have had the pleasure to talk to hundreds of important affiliates, the importance of being personal in a business relationship has a much better and more productive outcome in the end. I have decided to part with these companies and steer my time to my own projects.

Blacklisted Companies,

    A cheating company who do not like to pay their bills and love to intimidate people on their private channel. Our invoices were never paid.
    A big Romanian cheater that has a reputation for intimidation and using false credentials and so much more. Goes by a false name, Adam Hardy
  • Brandon Ackerman
    Tried to scam us, when we told him to stop, he made bad talks in shape of treats. He has a long reputation for scamming entrepreneurs.
  • Bruce Friedman
    A huge backstabber, trying to have us fired from a client cause we blocked his spam email after we told him his emails suck. a sad loser!

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The best affiliate programs AWMS works with!

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