My name is Tjeezers, and I am a live cam industry expert. My goal is to provide you with the knowledge that helps you increase your business. Years of networking, visiting shows and attending industry expert panels have given me a great insight into this industry. In the first 10 years of my work, every day was a learning experience. I have watched the TGP’s grow to a big dollar industry and being replaced by the TUBE websites, this with the needed huge consequences for the industry. I have seen the biggest names grow sky high and fall flat on the ground bankrupted and leaving thousands of affiliates stranded with nothing, and payout facilities handling millions in revenue every day flying away, after years of working for trust and business,  in a private jet leaving again thousands of people and companies stranded and robbed behind. Yet, I have remained focussed during my full-time job as a Webmaster and in the most difficult times as a private owner of my Website network, I was always able to receive the support and help from my friends in this industry, they deserve credit and honor for the fact I was able to remain in control of this work, as some may know that the Adult Industry is a very small world regarding the people who are working in it, Us Knows Us is how it works. Today I write 18 years in this industry, and I have found my place years ago, in a comfortable zone working with products that guarantee lifetime revenue. I am still aware that we adapt to survive, and we have to move forward with our own ideas and stay progressive. I am working on this very moment 60 hours per week. I love my job, I work with people who are professional and experienced. My work is my life. You can see some of my projects here, it is a small selection of sites that I am personally involved in. If you are interested in talking to me, by all means, go ahead. I am most comfortable with Skype.

I am currently working on the projects listed here.

Besides my own projects, I also have friends who are working very hard.

Skype: Fruitboertje